Zine Resources, Courtesy of Underground Press.org

We think that one of the best ways to support the zine community is by sharing information. That’s why we’ve gathered this collection of resources, including selections from Zine World and links to other sources. Help us keep these resources current; send updates to wordofmouth@undergroundpress.org.

U.S. Postal Rate Chart (rates effective April 2011, PDF)
The Zinester’s Guide to U.S. Mail — This guide covers the various options zine publishers can use for mailing with the U.S. and internationally, including detailed information about First Class, Media Mail, Parcel Post, and Bound Printed Matter. (PDF, updated Sept. 2008)
How to Pick What Zine Library to Donate To? by Jenna Freedman, reference & zine librarian at Barnard College.
Zines 101: A Quick Guide to Zines is a 2-page sheet with the basics on how to make a zine, where to find zines, layout templates, and what to do with your zine once it’s finished.(PDF)
Bringing Zines to the Community by Hannah D. Forman: a column about organizing a zine workshop, with tips on how to lead your own workshop.
Throwing off the Shackles: How to Break Free of Microsoftby Jerianne and Denny. — Do you consider yourself anti-corporate? Then why are you using Microsoft products when there are lots of great alternatives?
Other Zine Review Zines – Zine World is not the definitive word on anything, so don’t just take our word for it. There are plenty of other fine publications out there to send your zines/comics for review and to scope for new zines. These are the ones we know of.
Where to find zines – Looking for someplace local where you can sit and read or purchase zines? Check out our lists of Zine Libraries and Infoshops and Distros and Stores.
Other Resources – These are a few online resources we recommend for more information about zines, publishing, etc.:
OtherLinks to zine websites, small press publishers, postal information, news sites, and more.
AddressChanges – Us underground press types are always on the go. Here’s where some of us went.

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