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one of my favorite zine distros currently operating. send taylor a little business, he's got a good thing going.


Parcell Press is an independent publisher and distributor of printed matter. This primarily includes zines but also independently-published books and comics. Parcell Press developed in December 2003 by me, Taylor, as an umbrella project for my own continued zine and publishing pursuits. I really wanted to create a project through which I could promote zines and get them into new hands, educate people about zines, help the zine community sustain itself, and challenge zinesters and readers to consider zines a more valid artform. So, through Parcell Press I sell zines retail to readers and wholesale to retailers in addition to publishing some zines with the Parcell Press imprint. The name was derived from my first house in Fredericksburg, which was on Parcell Street. Don't mistake it for 'parcel' or we'll both feel awkward.


The goals of Parcell Press were formed in an attempt to provide a central avenue through which zinesters and zine readers can communicate, sell and buy publications, and have access to resources and work that may or may not be within their own niche in the world of underground publishing. Additionally, this project was launched with zinesters in mind: to provide a cheap, easy, and accessible catalog through which their zines can reach a wider audience.


Parcell Press is run by me, Taylor, with the occassional help and support of friends. I've been involved with the zine community for at least ten years and don't intend to retire. I like slow-goings and good stories, jokes and productivity. I'm educated in the softest of the humanities (English literature) but I have an affinity for all sorts of cultural studies and often fancy myself a freehand participant observer. My current obsession is places. I'm fond of correspondence and would love to hear from you. I would also love it if you read my zine, which you can buy in the Parcell Press catalog.


I grew up in Virginia Beach, sun-soaked, wet, and busy. I started Parcell Press in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where I lived for four enjoying the comfort and closeness of a small town, working out of the closet in the basement bedroom of a tall house downtown. I then ran Parcell Press full-time out of a little house in Old West Durham, North Carolina for about six months before missing Virginia so much that I returned to Richmond, where I now operate Parcell Press out of a weird carriage-house garage loft in the beautiful Fan District. Come say hi!

what else?

My hope and aspiration is for Parcell Press to become a sustainable endeavor for my various projects and to influence, support, and reflect the efforts of a strong community of creative, progressive, talented voices.

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