Pirate Papa: A Journal of Anarcho-Green D.I.Y. Parenting

From the review on Northwest Zineworks, thanks to Caroline Tigeress, keepin things real in Longview, Washington. I think it's funny she thinks I'm thirty something when I'm really barely 24. Hee hee hee. More ass-kickin' localoly zines to be reviewed soon!

A hefty Papazine, Pirate Papa covers sane parenting techniques, but oh-so-much more. Sky Cosby’s work came to us via The Portland Zine Symposium 2006 and we’re not the same. His blunt, in-your-face no-frills, parenting zine is a straight lift from his blog Pirate Papa formatted nicely into a half-sized zine. Pirate Papa is much more than any sort of parenting zine though, it’s about the adventure that is parenting. Pirate Papa doesn’t just gloss over the happy crap. Because he’s taking it all in from the thirtysomething perspective you get the understanding that Sky understands the value of work that us momma creatures already knew was out there. The difference is Sky honors it, and Sky nurtures it. He tries to be aware of what’s going on AS it’s going on, and that makes all the difference. Sky’s reference material is long, longer than anyone could ever have imagined, and we are better because of it – the back pages of his zine are long lists of links – good stuff to know not just for the parent, but for the parent to be. Full of cool recipies (crepes…mmm…crepes…) short little blurts (notes on a gay daddy’s blog who lives in a red state) to an in-depth examination about how his daughter’s neurons are firing as they learn the things of life. This is a parenting zine not to be missed.

45 pages, $5.00 - shoot me off an e-mail to: sky.cosby(at)gmail.com, slap the money in the mail and I'll pick up the postage!

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Caroline Tigeress said...

Okay so you ACT thritysomething :P Darn near as old as me!