This Is The Life: Collected Works: Palestine/Israel 2003

by Will Hewitt

This collection represents some of the best thoughts I have seen come out of the middle east penned by a white man, person or being. Hewitt's shrewd wit and bitter sense of irony permeate this 62 page 'zine documenting his travels in the West Bank and Gaza and his stay in Rafah back in 2003 when he carried Rachel Corrie's body away from the murderous Israeli bulldozers provided by Caterpillar and here's the article from Common Dreams. Will is again in the gaza strip working with the International Solidarity Movement there. Will is one of the most amazing people I have ever met and his words and beliefs and actions have helped to shape the artist and activist I am continuing to become. Please check out his latest (12.15.2005)e-mail from Palestine.

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DaveO said...

Billy Bragg released a song about Rachael, called, "Rachael Corrie." Cosmo played the song of the most recent Clubside Breakfast Time podcast (recorded at Eastside Club 3/29/06).